WorkStrong™ is a measurable approach that increases corporate social responsibility and the company bottom line while decreasing employee turnover and lost productivity.

Women Helping Women developed the WorkStrong™ certification program to empower companies, the workforce, and survivors to address workplace issues surrounding gender-based violence – a common, complex, and consequential public health epidemic that encompasses intimate-partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment.

Together, we can WorkStrong™ to stop gender-based violence.

“Women Helping Women, the region’s leading advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, is launching a workplace program that can provide employers with a toolkit and support for preventing workplace incidents and for assisting employees who are victims of abuse.”

Cincinnati Business Courier

October 25, 2018

Align Your Values & Your Policy:

Provide a safe workplace and support for your employees through WorkStrong’s™ Policy Review and Best Practice Recommendations.

Develop & Empower:

The WorkStrong™ package includes In-Person Training sessions on workplace indicators of gender-based violence, bystander intervention techniques, supportive response, and resources available in and outside of the office.

Partner with Experts:

Women Helping Women provides on-going Confidential Technical Assistance to companies and direct Crisis Response to workplace survivors.

It Is Your Business:

At least 60% of intimate-partner violence survivors will lose their job. Over half of all full-time working adults will work alongside someone experiencing intimate-partner violence. Intimate-partner violence costs businesses $8.3 billion a year in health and lost productivity.

For more information, contact the WorkStrong™ Team.


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